Novel Solutions

An Action Plan

The world wide pandemic has thrown up quite a few problems for companies and individuals that work in the live events industry. No more conferences, music shows, exhibitions or theatre for the forseeable future. Now is the time for us to look to developing new ideas and skills that will get us through.

On the following page, we have outlined three activities, signage and information management, streaming services and health and safety management. These are activities in which we already have a presence.

This latest though is the most exciting. Actually fighting the virus. Using high power UVC illuminating sources we are proposing to provide a service using the best skills that events companies have. The ability to work under tight time scales, in difficult or unusual environments, routing and distributing power, installing temporary light sources, and getting it all there, set up and de-rigged efficiently and safely. Then putting it all up again the following night and repeating.

It's what touring gigs are.

It's what we do.

UV Lighting

Ultraviolet (UV) Light is light that is measured in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum from 100 - 400 nanometres (nm).

This band is split into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. A and B are a part of sun light, UV-C is blocked by the atmosphere.

The effects of UV-A and UV-B on the human body are known and widely documented. Studies show that UV-C has an effect on the reproductive capability of virus.

We at TFP are investigating the use of these devices as sanitizing agents in a variety of applications, from train carriages to public lobbies.

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