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2020 is becoming a really strange year for those of us working in the live events industry. As all major events have been cancelled, festivals, sports, conferences etc, it has become necessary for us to utilize our skills in other areas. Below are three areas we can assist with.

Health and Safety Management

Restarting work in the commercial, retail and industrial sectors is going to be a daunting proposition. There will be all sorts of checks and protocols that will need to be put in place to manage Social Distancing, additional hygiene requirements, employee, visitor and client safety. Apart from the legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Regs and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regs there are the UK government guidance that are ever changing and should be considered in any actions where potentially people may be put at risk. 


We can provide updated paperwork and simple straight talking analysis of your work protocols and guidance as required to help keep you legal and above all safe.


A simple Zoom or Skype meeting can be held in order to establish your requirements and as a result of this virtual meeting we can progress the safety case. Email for more info at or call 07802 301 738 today.

Virtual Meetings

We have the skills, we have the equipment, we have the people.


You want to put on something slightly more complex than a multi-participant Zoom meeting for your employees, or run a sales presentation, or provide some training and guidance for your team on-line. 


We have the equipment and the skills to create virtual stages, drop in guest speakers from around the world, lplay in Powerpoint presentations with your CEO presenting in front, just as they would be at the big national conference you had to cancel. One technician with our equipment can install and run a simple show, including sound, graphics and mini cameras. 


For the slightly more adventurous we can create virtual back drops, add multi camera presentations and manage the whole event from our remote studio.


We have specialist techs around the UK and in strategic locations around the world, from Milan to Perth Australia.

Email for more info at or call 07802 301 738 today.

Information Signage

Communication and the dissemination of information is critical in the novel times. It is vitally important that you let your employees and customers know what is expected of them. It helps to reinforce a message.

TFP have a wide range of digital signage devices for immediate rental. These simple boxes can be run in networked environments or standalone. Pre-programmed with essential information, updated with news feeds or Web site access, we can even provide interactivity to the info screens via the users own phone, just by them downloading an app from a simple QR code.

Boxes start at £25 per week, plus SD cards and delivery.

Email for more info at or call 07802 301 738 today.

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