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The world of digital signage is a huge and ever expanding industry. It has a requirement for a number of skills, such as:

  • designing installations

  • understanding video and encoding of video

  • operating and maintaining networks 

  • running and programming content management systems

  • training and support for creative and technical personnel

TFP have been providing these services for a wide number of clients, from Newcastle United  Football Club to Bosch Products.

The digital signage business is an ever expanding field, and as such it is essential to seek advice if this is your first foray into the market. We at TFP believe that the first contact should be prior to the purchase of any hardware, so an effective plan can be established to define the why and what, not just the how.

Our rates are competitive and we bring to bear a wealth of knowledge gleaned from assisting clients in the UK and abroad with the design, installation, training and on-going maintenance of digital signage systems and displays.


We are now providing support and Interactive Systems, with our partner eyefactive. To see their app systems and to get a special discount, follow this link to Interactive Apps

Digital Signage and Interactive Systems

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