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Dataton Watchout! Programming

Dataton WATCHOUT is a production and playback system for multi-display applications, from staging to digital signage, to events and fixed installations.

With Dataton WATCHOUT you orchestrate stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas. Whether you want a huge, seamless image or a whole array of displays working together, WATCHOUT will make it happen, of course with the help of some clever programming and content creation!

And now, we have a suite of Watchpax players.

Call for details.

Interactive Environments and
Touch Walls

Creating custom control environments that allow users to interact and enhance the user experience via a wide range of media. Enhance the sensory experience and reinforce the brand image.

Digital Signage

BrightAuthor is a software application for BrightSign that makes creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations simple and dependable.

It is the central application for all your BrightSign needs, from building and distributing your presentations to managing your entire BrightSign Network of remote signs.

Experience BrightAuthor and see how easily it brings your presentations to life. TFP offer a full service of training and support, content creation, analysis and programming for all your digital signage needs.

We also have a number of systems available for rent.

Contact us directly for prices.



Holusion - Peppers Ghost Systems

Pepper's ghost is an illusion technique used in theatre, haunted houses, dark rides, and magic tricks. It uses plate glass, Plexiglas or plastic film and special lighting techniques to make objects seem to appear or disappear, become transparent, or to make one object morph into another.

Named after John Henry Pepper, who popularized the effect. Our skills are to present this in a spectacular yet affordable way.

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