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We have expanded our portfolio of activities and built more on the interactivity and control of video for exhibitions and events, plus we have been working a lot with digital signage solutions in many forms.

Health and Safety

In general safety we have expanded our academic knowledge greatly. Tim now has a NCRQ Diploma , a safety qualification equivalent to a degree, and is GradIOSH status with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Tim has now attained his Post Graduate Diploma in Safety and Risk Management from Strathclyde University and is working on his research project to complete his Masters.

Drone and UAV's

Tim has the CAA approved GVC qualification and TFP have a small fleet of drones using DJI devices which are used for event filming and site survey processes, including photogrammetry.

Laser Safety Course

Tim is involved in the development and presentation of a course aimed at training Laser Safety Officers for companies, organisations and authorities. More detail will be added at a later date.

vMix and Virtual Meetings

We have been working with our clients to provide on-line and now hybrid meeting environments for global clients.

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