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It seems like an age since we updated this page. 

We have expanded our portfolio of activities and built more on the interactivity and control of video for exhibitions and events, plus we have been working a lot with digital signage solutions in many forms.

In general safety we have been working for imagination in the USA for a large Shell event.

Our live work has allowed us to work with Craig David, Rudimental and the Royal Phil.

In the festival safety area we had a great 2019 working for The Event Safety Shop at Glastonbury Festival of Music and Arts. We worked on one of the largest laser installations,54 30 watt lasers for the Killers.

In May '18 we designed and programmed the content for 7 screens in the historic Salle d'Armees at the Pallazo Vecchio in Florence for Fisher Productions. 

This has been followed up with some exciting shows, including laser safety management for a 7 laser experience in Madrid and Toronto.