You are organising an event, you have a list of things you need. Trust us, you'll need more of everything! Contact us to discuss your forthcoming events. We can help.

Media Server Operating and Programming


From Dataton Watchout to D3 Technologies we can control your shows using the latest in media and image server technology. The design and integration of the systems is essential in the early stages of the event so spending time at this stage will save time and budget further down the line. D3 visualisation will enable the client to preview the installation of equipment, assess camera angles, check that screen pitch is appropriate for the viewing distance and scale.

Ultimately, content is king, and previewing show content on realistic surfaces and with correct scaling is a big hit in the designer toolbox.

Live Events


We have a vast experience of live events, from catwalk to festivals, private and public events, exhibitions and arena concerts. Every job is different, and we love a challenge! And now... event safety consultancy, specialising in laser safety, see the Health and Safety page for more information.



We can supply a wide range of equipment and services for exhibitions. 3d Holographic display units, touch screen systems, networks and projected effects are just some of these. Contact us with your brief and we will provide a cost effecive quote, backed up by a wealth of experience.

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